Suggestions to help hiring mgr’s be more timely AND mitigate risk


Xtra Effort has noticed some employers are being adversely impacted by being too slow to evaluate candidates.  Their finalists join other employers.

Xtra Effort suggests employers define an objective for the timeline and processes necessary to evaluate, check references, and make an offer.

Employers have faced the challenge of increased customer demand (good news) with much leaner staffs from 2008-2009 cut backs.   More due diligence is being conducted to mitigate risk and insure alignment.  Lastly, with so many quality candidates previously being “on the street”, employers sense they can afford 8 – 12 week evaluation cycles.

 However, candidates now have more quality options and fear joining employers who take 8+ weeks to evaluate them.   They are concerned these employers will be ineffective leaders in business execution.

 Employers should remain thorough to insure candidate competency and alignment, but also recognize they have more competition among other courting employers and strive for greater efficiency.   The steps necessary to reduce hiring risk should not be compromised, but made a greater priority

Executive teams should agree upon the processes and timeframes to make the best possible hiring decision, and then hold themselves accountable to both diligence and timeliness.  Once an employer has a process that is proven to take less then ‘X’ weeks, they can then provide candidates with a reliable estimate of the process and gain agreement that it is acceptable with the candidate’s time frame.  This communication on the front end of a hiring cycle improves your professionalism and makes you more attractive to candidates.  It will also save you wasted time and resources on candidates who cannot commit to your required timeframe and estimate.

 The result will be the availability of the candidate finally chosen to join the team!

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