Xtra Effort expansion; hiring new recruiter

Increased client hiring demand requires Xtra Effort to expand and hire a fifth team member.

We are looking for a professional:

1a) Whose last 2 – 4 years have been as a contingency based recruiter  in the IT segment, OR …

1b) have been a commission centric inside sales experience within the IT segment.

2) Candidates should have  2- 8 years experience since graduating a four school with a BA or BS degree, with a 3.0 or better GPA. 

3) Willing and able to make the commute to our Westford, MA office.

Xtra Effort is a four person, nine year, Westford, MA based recruiting firm who
helps technology centric companies hire Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional
Service personnel – nationally.

Candidates may find Xtra Effort to be desirable because:

1) Generous commission plan
2) Ample clients and hiring requirements
3) Efficient use of SendOuts, Social Media, an Applicant Tracking Software solution
4) Comfortable offices with privacy for phone calls
5) T1 internet connection
6) Dual monitor PC’s
7) Relaxed, non-politcal environment
8) Database of candidates that is organized and tagged by skills, tenure,
industry expertise, compensation, locaton, communication skills, travel
tolerance, etc.
9) Patient, resourceful, and supportive leadership team
10) Plenty of parking and services at our Route 110, Westford, location

Xtra Effort is NOT the place for you if you need to have your calls and
submissions tracked, drinks after work, and recognition ribbons on your cube to
be motivated (“not that there is anything wrong with that”).

Xtra Effort is a place for you if you work hard, have a little humor between
lots of phone calls, want to have the latest technology and considerable client
hiring requirements, be treated fairly, and be well compensated for intelligent

Please call Mark Rodman at 978-589-9700.

See client feedback about Xtra Effort’s value: http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=140106&trk=tab_pro