The cobbler’s kids need shoes too. Xtra Effort is expanding and hiring a recruiter at our Westford, MA office

Xtra Effort is expanding, and hiring a recruiter to join our team in Westford, MA

The career opportunity is desirable for professionals with the below aspirations and attributes. We tried to be super transparent. You will see the role can be a great fit for some, not so much for others 🙂

Please share with who you deem appropriate.

Thank you.


  • Gain and leverage broad exposure to multiple technologies and high growth companies located across the USA and Europe. Enabling you to receive lucrative commissions by helping fuel our clients’ growth (and NOT have all of your satisfaction and income be anchored to one company’s technology, market receptivity, internal politics, available territories, and leadership team; aka, a traditional sales role)
  • Develop long term candidate/client relationships who will engage your services for the long term, enabling you to develop strong relationship “equity” in terms of new and diverse recruiting/income opportunities over the long haul.
  • Easy place to park and live, without the expense and tumult of Boston or 128.
  • Appreciate being a key contributor to Xtra Effort – a 20 year and favorable brand – recognized for quality, responsiveness, and results.
  • Want to benefit from the latest investments and innovation in recruiting, i.e., Linkedin’s Premium Recruiter, Microsoft Office360, Zoom Info, and Crelate’s Applicant Tracking Software/CRM
  • To be supported with ample client hiring requirements being assigned to you
  • Enjoy being trained by a team with 14, 4, and 20 years of tenure with Xtra Effort, and additional years in software sales.
  • Can be primarily motivated by the short and long term client and candidate relationships you develop, and the commissions resulting from placements. Do NOT need motivation associated with a sizable team and an “office energy” around you.
  • Can operate in an independent fashion, where you receive weekly direction relative to client and candidate priorities, and then perform the required research and email/inmail/phone (yes, the phone, lots of it) outreach to reach your objectives. There is no Foosball, drinks after work, high fives, smoothie bar, and contests for lottery tickets.  We do go out for lunch, and praise each other’s accomplishments during our Monday AM meetings.
  • Have a demonstrated track record of achieving the majority the metrics assigned to you.
  • Have demonstrated an ability to commit to your current and previous employers for at least 18+ months, preferably 24+ months.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • You are sufficiently detailed and organized to frequently enter candidate details into the CRM, and to document candidate attributes when sharing profiles with clients. Xtra Effort is NOT good for those with a dislike for detail and process. Our process and detail enable the team to easily retrieve suitable candidates for future searches; based on candidate’s technology and industry focus, location, compensation, tenure, etc … all which must be entered into the CRM.  Xtra Effort clients appreciate the value-add of well structured notes about our candidates.


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