The tide has changed. Considerations for hiring in 2011


It seems like only months ago when employers lacked the ability to commit to open head count. Candidates were tortured with employer indecision, cancelled requirements, and prolonged evaluation processes.

As recruiters, we coached candidates to not emotionally commit to one employer until they successfully completed their first day of employment. We walked on egg shells, dreading the “the requirement has been put on hold” email.

The tide has changed in the past twelve months, with employers not having enough headcount to meet growth objections or implement their backlog of orders.

Our favorite candidates are being courted by several companies.

Hiring managers should always be interviewing and advancing quality candidates until they have MULTIPLE potential FINALISTS for each requirement.  Otherwise, employers are getting caught having to repeat recruiting cycles, causing significant delays and productivity losses.

Employer insistence on only hiring candidates with exact alignment to 5+ criteria can result in overlooking quality talent.

We suggest companies boil the criteria down to only the most essential attributes, and figure out how to best VALIDATE their candidates have sufficient quantity of the critical success factors.

Have the professional services candidate perform a coding test, write a functional specification, or train a panel on a certain subject.

The sales candidate’s references should include verification of revenue produced, income earned, and types of solutions sold; they can be required to perform a

mock value statement, discovery session, or solution presentation.

Once hired, immediately assess the missing skills and create a program for them to learn ASAP. If you hire the right athlete, they will have the motivation and competency to quickly adapt, even after hours if necessary.

The investment in time and money for a more effective skill validation and on-boarding process far outweigh the cost of waiting for the “perfect candidate”.

Your investment will give you a greater volume of qualified “Sales Utility Players” to choose from. It will also prevent hiring managers from being enamored with the wrong candidates because they possess the right resume, but don’t have enough of the most critical skills.


Would you prefer pasta with lots of fresh tomato sauce, or with just a tablespoon of sauce and the finest chives? I would hope the former 🙂

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