Video meets the enterprise, big time. Opportunity knocks.

“Virtually all employees, customers and partners view videos via their mobile devices or desktops on a daily basis.

Enterprises are rushing to create and distribute content via streaming and rich media do not have the capacity to do so. Companies are aggressively ushering along transformational change, but don’t have the network capacity to execute, never mind considerations for security and control. “

Do you think the timing is right?

 Company: Enterprise Communications via Video integration platform (strategic value), including purpose built applications (immediate/tactical value). “Youtube for the enterprise”

Enable enterprises to create and/or manage and/or publish and/or distribute live and on-demand video content while integrating the video with other media.

“A convergence technology to control many pieces of the video ecosystem, i.e., content publishing, distribution, wan, caching, etc.”

 Hiring need: Enterprise scale, Sr. Account Executive experienced selling network sensitive collaboration applications to line of business executives.

Location: the Northeast

Product architecture is designed to get started with modest expense while leveraging existing IT standards and infrastructure.

Sample clients: Abbott Labs, Capital One, Citigroup, Dell, eBay, E& Y, Deloitte, Verizon, AT& T, Corning, Praxair, Raytheon, Federal Reserve Bank, Avid Tech,  Serono

•             “mature enterprise technology start up”; tech is 11 years old

•             Market growth for video solutions is huge

•             Fully baked solutions, past the learning curve from a product development, sales, marketing, and delivery perspective. Execution mode.

•             It’s not an ROI consideration, but an urgent and strategic consideration relative  customer acquisition, employee productivity, customer retention, and service cost containment

•             65 employees

•             Financed by globally recognized corporations and venture capital firms

•             Software will integrate with Riverbed, Bluecoat, Sharepoint (which unto itself is a tactical, point solution, that won’t scale with video), Websphere

•             Capable of point solutions for a $25k (appliance) or enterprise video integration platforms for $1m+; Average deal range = $300k – $400k

•             Solutions can be delivered via the Cloud or on-premise

•             Insurance policy against future change is fast evolving video market

•             three tiered, Windows Server 2008, IIS, Oracle/SQL, platform, J2EE

Hiring need: Sr. Account Executive, NY/NJ Tri state area or New England

Travel: Frequent day trips throughout Northeast

Competitive Advantage:

•             Non Proprietary Technology, Ease of integration, which speeds deployment, improves impact, leverages existing investment, and reduces costs.

•             Technology provides enterprises with freedom to choose and power to integrate (unlike a proprietary Cisco; all or nothing solutions)

Channel Partners: help identify and fulfill enterprise needs: AT&T and Polycom; along with 2nd tier partners

2011 US Commercial Field composition: 6 sales, 4 sales engineers


1) Enterprise builds internally (not a core competency, can’t scale)

2) Outsource (expensive, less easy to integrate, security issues)

3) Departmental level, point solutions (encoders)

4) Enterprise (Cisco only; proprietary; can’t cluster servers; no fail over encoders)

Enterprise audience: Corp Communications, Media services, IT, HR (benefits announcements, training), Facilities mgt (digital signage), and IT security

Position reports to: VP of Sales

Suitable Candidates need:

  • Enterprise start up experience
  • Collaboration technology sales experience
  • Experience selling application software to enterprise executives across the Human Resources, Training,  Sales, Marketing, Learning, or other related line of business
  • Network related technologies
  • 2+ years recent average job tenure
  • $200k+ w2 history


Quota; $2.7m +-, including license and maintenance; plus $400k in PS; ALL CHANNEL SALES ARE INCLUDED TOWARDS QUOTA CREDIT.

50% of 2010 revenue was channel driven. Channel partners are becoming more autonomous in their selling efforts, requiring less heavy lifting for the direct sales organization.  

Compensation: base salary range: $110k – $120k salary; $225k – $250k OTE, depending upon quota and experience; there is no earnings cap and they have accelerators; equity is available but modest

Mark Rodman


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