What is a good bribe for a referral? Is an iPad old news?

Who would ever think you need a marketing department to give away merchandise?

 Xtra Effort could not reach 100 Facebook fans to give away an Ipad. We ran out of steam at about 50.

  It seems like everyone is trying to give away iPads.  

 So Xtra Effort is raising the stakes! At least in terms of imagination.



Refer Xtra Effort

 Here is the bribe: the first 100 people to click it and refer a Sales, Sales Engineering, or Technical Consultant professional from the enterprise technology world will be entered into a drawing.

 The drawing’s winner can pick one of the following items:

  • A leather jacket
  • A terrific dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • Four ski passes to anywhere in the country 
  • Golf gear
  • Fly fishing gear
  • Two pairs of your favorite footwear

ADDITIONALLY, If your candidate is hired by an Xtra Effort client, you will also receive a $500 Amazon.com Electronic Gift Certificate

 So – please – go ahead and click.  Accept our well-intentioned bribe.  Besides, we may actually help your friend.

Refer Xtra Effort

 Bribes are good for up to $400, issued immediately after the drawing.

 The $500 Amazon Gift Certificates are issued within 24 hours of client payment for the Xtra Effort placement.

 Thank you.


 Mark Rodman




Xtra Effort client hiring requirements

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