you win some, you lose some

In the past month, Xtra Effort has helped three clients hire very accomplished sales people within clients’ respective niches, i.e., “find me the purple squirrel”.

Clients continue to insist on both functional skills and industry knowledge/experience. These hires represented long evaluation processes. The interview process is longer because both candidates and clients are cautious in today’s market. Clients can’t afford a bad hire because of the impact on cost, time loss, and customer perceptions. Candidates don’t want to jump from one risky company to another because of lack of due diligence, and end up with too many job changes on their resume and have ineffective territory and customer momentum/traction or no substantial enhancement in acquired industry/technology knowledge.

In addition to the successful hires, we have had a couple of 4+- month evaluation cycles result with qualified candidates receiving a job offer but ultimately either staying with their current employer or accepting an alternative offer. Our candidates would have likely accepted our clients’ offers had they been delivered less than six weeks from their initial meeting, but the lengthy client evaluation processes afforded the candidates the time to discover alternative choices.

Xtra Effort intends to be timely and professionally assertive with clients in communicating an old Western gun fighting adage “there is the Quick, and there is the Dead”. ‘A’ player candidates still demand competitive wages and have lots of choice.

Overall, it is Good News!! We are seeing more clients hiring and more job offers being produced.

We commend the clients who are hiring because they believe in their company and its products they are selling solutions with a definable ROI and have an optimistic view of the future. However, we also have empathy for the clients who are taking a wait and see approach.

In the mean time, all of us: recruiters, clients, partners, and candidates, need to continue to flip as many stones as possible to find the right match, while also developing meaningful relationships for the long term – nobody said it would easy. But then again, an endeavor is only truly fulfilling if it contains challenges.

We are cautiously optimistic.

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