“When you are green you are growing, when you are ripe you will soon rot”

I was commenting to a fellow cyclist how difficult it is to get any of you to have the courage or initiative to help out with a comment on this terrific Xtra Effort blog.

He said: “be more provocative”. I said to myself, “hmmm, how do I that?” and left it alone. We had too big a hill to climb and suffer to waste time pondering.

Well, since then Xtra Effort has been working with a few clients that represent financial stability, proven references, first class technology, equity, and strong career opportunities. However, candidates have chosen to stay safe, despite definite signs of rot on the leaves in their tree garden.

Similarly, clients have been sticking by their hope that their candidates who are 50% of quota for the past three quarters are suddenly going to change; or they are hoping new revenue streams will be coming from the same old territories, knowing full well investment in new sales geography or vertical is required.

Where is the guts?

It’s best stated in the below article. CARE TO COMMENT? 🙂 (I wish I wrote it!)


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