Restaurants, the circus, the mall,and David Gergen

Another naive observation: have you noticed the increased attendance at restaurants and the mall? We were also at the circus over the weekend: there were a whole lot of people buying $4 popcorn. I know there are bigger GDP indicators...
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Still hot: Data storage, virtualization, and data encryption

Although IT budgets are down, Xtra Effort’s recent client discussions indicate Data storage, virtualization, and data encryption projects are still being funded. This Computerworld article elaborates:
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Killer Apps with undeniable and hard ROI’s

By coincidence, Xtra Effort is working with two clients whose sales transactions are partially fueled by the down economy. Our first client provides software that analyzes banking transactions and detects fraud. The second client provides software that analyzes enterprise accounts...
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West coast versus Central & East hiring demand

This week’s client dialog has repeatedly informed Xtra Effort of their being greater hiring demand for Central and East coast people than West Coast. The reason is lack of enterprise scale projects or procurement activity, at least as compared to...
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“Cloud Computing explained”

We have found “Cloud Computing” to receive mention with increasing frequency. This article represents an easy explanation. Althought it’s likely to change, and have ten alternative interpretations.
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Excellent Article on the Status of Software as a Service

This Computerworld article does a terrific job of illustrating how Software As a Service (“SAAS“) is not just CRM and HR any longer, but also ERP, BI, Supply Chain, data cleansing, contract management, marketing automation, etc. In fact, 64% of...
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