Easier or more difficult to discover candidates?

The escalated rate of unemployment gives employers more confidence about their ability to discover new candidates.

Nonetheless, many have found that the most suitable candidates are hunkering down and staying with their current employer because:

1) They don’t want to risk their “safe” status with their current employers

2) They don’t want to be the “last person in” with a new employer, in case the new employer has a reduction-in-force, making them the most vulnerable

3) Fear associated with change is heightened in an uncertain economy

Consequently, employers have become frustrated or surprised by the lack of suitable candidates.

Xtra Effort needs to be sensitive to these employees’ concerns, and not appear self-serving in creating exaggerate fears.

However, we would be remiss NOT to share exciting new opportunities with potential candidates, while also gently reminding them of the inherent risk of staying still, missing out on new career opportunities, and being blind sided by an unexpected Reduction-in-Force from their current employer.

  • Employees who are NOT looking for work, your comments? Our clients would like to know.

  • Employers who are frustrated with hiring results, YOUR comments? Your peer hiring managers would like to know.

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