Below is a recap of Xtra Effort client hiring activity for Q1 2013.

The data may help you with your own planning, or at least provide a comparison.

As a frame of reference, Xtra Effort clients are small to medium-sized enterprise-scale technology companies (products and services) that hire Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services personnel throughout the USA.




  • Hiring      sales staff has increased among professional service companies. These      companies are hiring because they are reaching their targets


  • Cloud      infrastructure, Big Data and BI companies are experiencing considerable      growth and/or have significant funding for expected growth – hence hiring


  • Hiring      demand has increased in the Midwest


  • Lots of      young SaaS product companies continue to want to hire inside sales staff      with 2 – 5 years of experience whom are responsible for the      whole sales cycle in a virtual manner. Demand for this profile seems to be      outstripping supply.

The above link represents our actual Q1 2013 client hires, and does not represent all of Xtra Effort’s client hiring demand (where employment offers and acceptances have yet to occur.) See XTRA EFFORT’S PORTAL  for a full picture of Xtra Effort’s entire current day hiring requirements, including: solution offerings, compensation, roles, location, and responsibilities.

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