Xtra Effort has been experiencing a BIG uptick in hiring demand among its small and medium sized enterprise information technology clients. Roles include Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services.

While we are obviously excited about this trend, clients are still demanding an exact set of skills and attributes for their particular technology and customer segment.  Hopefully, an increased number of hiring requirements will inherently improve the odds of a match for our candidate population.

Xtra Effort is proud of our client relationships, enabling us to gather and document more explicit detail about their hiring criteria.  The result is time savings for candidates and clients.

Like all recruiting firms, our challenge is to maximize Xtra Effort’s exposure to quality client career opportunities, while also committing the time and resources to identify the correct candidates for these open positions.

We will occasionally use our BLOG as a means to provide a periodic snap shot of available positions across the country. This is one such time.

Xtra Effort client hiring demand is available for review, and can be searched by technology function/”key word”, role/”Category”, title, and location.  Please see the Xtra Effort Candidate Portal for the career search utility.

Below is a list of technologies and service offerings associated with our current client hiring demand:

  • Database Software
  • Application Performance Mgt Software
  • GRC Software for health care insurance companies
  • Disaster Recovery Technology
  • Data Storage Account Executive
  • Customer/Business intelligence for Cable Network industry
  • Data Storage
  • Data Center and enterprise network systems integration
  • ERP Software Sales
  • Desktop virtualization Software
  • Application Development and Support Services
  • Authentication technology for health care
  • SOA and MDM software for the middle market
  • Risk Analytics for insurance companies
  • GIS Software for P&C industry
  • Billing and Customer Self Care Software for Service Providers
  • Cloud data storage
  • Date Warehouse tech
  • BI and Portfolio Mgt SW for financial service Co’s
  • Information Governance
  • Secure File Transfer SW
  • CRM Software
  • Retail Banking software
  •  Cloud Data Storage

Lastly, we highly suggest you visit this Timely document about trends in the InformationTechnology industry. You will find it to be informative – promise.

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